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Insert DORA metadata into my website at Eawag

Personal webpage

To insert publications at your personal Eawag-Website, please go to your personal webpage and log in. Afterwards click on the "+" next to publications to add new publications. Insert the number part of the DORA ID:

If you want to add more than 5 publications, please insert a link to the DORA search result list. Tips for searching in DORA you can find here. After filtering and refining the search, just copy the URL to add the link in your personal homepage.

If you want to add publications not affiliated with Eawag and therefore not included in DORA, you can upload PDF's, links to an external site with the publications or just add manually a text. Further information you can find here or ask Manuela Frei (

Department webpage

The publication lists on the department webpage are provided by Eawag. For further information, please contact Manuela Frei (

Insert DORA metadata into my website at PSI

Adding a publication list

Search for the publications you want to link at your homepage. Tips for searching you can find here.

Take the URL from your search results and add it at your PSI Drupal Interface under "DORA-URL"  without changing anything:

Adding a single reference

Search for the publication you want to add in DORA and copy the persistent ID:

Afterwards add the PID in the PSI Drupal Interface under "Publications-IDs". If you want to add several publications, separate the IDs by using ",":

Insert DORA metadata into my website at WSL

Lists with publications affiliated with WSL are automatically provided by the institution for the department sites as well as for employee sites:

If you want to add other publications (news, other websites, etc.) or do some manually changes, you can contact your web administrator. You can find the list with responsible web administrators here.

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