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For the submission of your publication, please follow this link (also available on the top-right side "Add Publication").

If you are not sure, if your paper can be uploaded in DORA (e.g. if it is a one-page publication or a video format), please have a look at our Content Policy.

In DORA we accept publications that have a PSI-author affiliation as well as publications produced on results obtained by external users of PSI research facilities. The PSI facilities are:

  • SLS (Swiss Light Source)
  • SINQ (Spallation Neutron Source)
  • SmuS (Swiss Muon Source)
  • PP (Facilities for Particle Physics)
  • PROSCAN (Center for Proton Therapy)
  • SwissFEL (X-ray Free Electon Laser Facility)
  • High Intensity Proton Accelerator

Please find the corresponding beamlines here.

We can record further facilities by request.


Step 1: Enter your name and e-mail address (mandatory):

Step 2: Choose the publication type of your article:

For the Journal/Newspaper/Magazine Article option you can import the metadata using a DOI, if available.

Step 3: Insert the Metadata:

Insert the Metadata belonging to the publication. The fields with the red star are mandatory, the others optional. We would highly appreciate, however, if you would fill in all relevant fields. For authors that have a PSI affiliation on the paper enter the Last Name and First Name and press "PSI affiliation". The publication will then be linked to the author and the group will be filled in automatically. Please keep in mind, that the affiliation linked to the author in DORA depends on the affiliation present on the publication. In this way, the departments involved at the specific time when the publication was written are linked and not the current departments.

Please note: Publications written before 2006 are only linked to the PSI-Institute itself and not to specific departments.

For more details about the correct linkage to a PSI-affiliated author please see here.

Please don't press Enter during the ingestion. Always use the buttons on the bottom of the screen to continue.

Several fields have some info buttons that provide you with more information about what should be filled-in. If you hoover over the info button, a black box with more information will appear, as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 4: Upload PDF

Please upload any full text you have available. After adding the PDF(s) the document version can be chosen:

Step 5: Leave a comment

If necessary, leave a comment with extra information for us.

Explanation to the different publication types:

Publication TypeExplanation
Journal/Newspaper/Magazine ArticleAn article which is published in a Journal (usually peer-reviewed), or in a Magazine / Newspaper (usually not peer reviewed).
Book ChapterA chapter written by an author within a book.
Book or Edited Book or Brochure of Conference Proceedings
  • A book written by authors or editors (edited book).
  • A brochure contains less than 49 pages.
  • Conference proceedings is a document in which all the proceeding papers of a conference are collected.

Conference Item or Proceedings PaperA conference item can be a poster, while a proceedings paper is the manuscript from a presentation which has been held during a conference.
DissertationIn DORA only dissertations are archived, no bachelor or master thesis.
Reporte.g. a paper which refers to a specific project.

Explanation of the Document Version:

Document VersionExplanation
Published VersionThe final version of your publication including the publisher's formatting.
Accepted VersionThe version of your publication after peer-review and acceptance, but without the publisher's formatting. Very often the publisher allows to publish the accepted version after an embargo time as open access in an institutional repository. Send us your accepted version and we will check this for you.
ErratumIf a publication needs a correction, there will be an erratum published.
Supplemental MaterialOffers additional information belonging to your publication.
Unspecified PDFAny type of document which is not listed here.

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