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See also our online tutorial on author publications lists or department publications lists

Search for publications related to a specific author

To create a list of publications from an author, click on the top right on e.g. “PSI Authors” to receive publications that belong only to this specific author. There, either use the alphabetic browsing to search for an author or type his/her name in the “Look for a name…” field. Click on the author’s name to receive the publication list. You will receive a list with all publications related to this specific author:


In this case you make sure, that you will only get the publications of this specific author and not every publication which belongs to an author with a similar name.

Search for publications related to a department

The easiest way to receive a publication list related to a specific department is by clicking on the DORA Logo (so that you land on the starting page) and choosing the unit at the left side of the website.

For Empa, WSL and Eawag websites another option is to use the advanced search at the right side and choose the unit you need.

For PSI you have the option to create a list of publications for a specific Division or Department by clicking on the top right on "PSI Laboratories". Click on the department or division name you need to receive the corresponding publication list.

Search for a single publication to link to your website

If you want to integrate one single publication on your website, please use the persistent URL of the publication:

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