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Excel and CSV

You may export your complete results list as an Excel Sheet or as a CSV Sheet. Just click on the right side at the corresponding symbol. The list will then be prepared:

The Excel and CSV Sheets include several metadata columns. Regarding the Impact Factor column:

Alternatively, you may also export your publication list as a PDF, RTF or RIS file and even choose a specific citation format:

Tip: Keep DORA HTML tags when exporting citations to EndNote

  1. Select the publications you would like to export from DORA and choose the RIS export type
  2. Download the "Convert HTML Tags" EndNote plugin
  3. Save the plugin in your EndNote plugin folder (e.g. for EndNote 8 under Windows: C:\Program Files\EndNote X8\Plugins; for other operating systems see here)
  4. Run EndNote, import the RIS file and then choose Tools => Convert HTML Tags

Citation Styles

There are currently four standard citation styles implemented into DORA:

  • ACS
  • APA
  • IEEE
  • Vancouver

For PSI users, we have implemented the PSI-website citation style as well.

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