Simple search

The simple search is available at the right-upper corner.

Advanced Search

 For more complicated searches, you may use our advanced search.

Here you have several options:

In addition, as you can see in the example below, you can use the + and - signs to get a new line, added with the Boolean operator. Choose between AND, OR and NOT to add the second search term or extend.

Filter with Facets

As soon as you click on browse, on the left side of the website different facets appear which help you specify your search.

With a click on a word, for example the author Conedera Marco, this filter will be added to your search. By choosing more facets, you can restrict your search to more specific publications. If you would like to exclude or remove your filter, you may click on the minus in front of the facet. You can click recursively on facets to get a increasingly specific result.